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A Girl Called Harmony.

alias Natalia
1 May 1984
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What the NONSENSE.

I'm a very shy, private, and reserved exhibitionist.

I write silly novels and draw sloppy graphic novels. I own a very large fluffy collie who is often mistaken for a small horse. I graduated from the University of Tulsa in May 2007 with a BS Computer Science and a BA Russian Studies. I work in foreign affairs. I love centurion73. I'm not a serious person.

1890s, 1920s, 1940s, 1960s, absolutely fabulous, achewood, alton brown, antoine de saint-exupery, antonin dvorak, aqua teen hunger force, architecture, bad movies, beatniks, blood elves, bohemians, bollywood, britcoms, bunnies, burt bacharach, casino royale, computer science, corsets, costume design, darkwave, dave brubeck, deathklok, delerium, dexter's laboratory, dirty jobs, dream pop, espionage, espionage mud, faith and the muse, fashion design, fine living, frank sinatra, full moon productions, gaelic, german, go-go dancing, gothic fashion, graphic novels, gustav klimt, harry potter, hindi, holy priests, hooverphonic, house beautiful, hugo weaving, ian fleming, india, indie pop, indie rock, interior design, international relations, james bond, jeeves and wooster, jeffrey combs, joan miro, ken russell, la boheme, la vie boheme, laika, lamb, lauren bacall, lebanese food, libertarianism, lileks.com, linguistics, louise brooks, lounge music, lovespirals, lycia, mandark, maurice ravel, mini coopers, mod, molto mafioso, morcheeba, moulin rouge, mst3k, muse, musicals, mythbusters, naomi white, natalia meklin, nicole kidman, nigella lawson, offcentre.net, old movies, p. g. wodehouse, pale skin, peter sellers, portishead, programming, projekt, rabbits, reading, red wine, republicans, rock operas, roleplaying, royksopp, russian, russian studies, saif ali khan, saint etienne, scotland, sewing, shag, sheep inthe big city, sigur ros, siouxsie and the banshees, skirts, smooth jazz, snoop dogg, snow skiing, soviet propaganda posters, stockings, stuffed animals, supreme beings of leisure, sushi, swankiness, tamara de lempicka, tchaikovsky, tears for fears, the cranes are flying, the divine comedy, the doves, the matrix, the moscow metro, thievery corporation, travel, trip hop, tulsa, university of tulsa, ussr, vampire beatnik zombies, viola, vogue, washington d.c., web design, world of warcraft, writing, zero 7, русский язык